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Our contact details are as follow :

Royal Francs Borains
Rue Saint-Antoine 6
7300 Boussu
Website : https://www.francsborains.be
E-mail : communication@francsborains.be
Telephone number : +3265630801

 The buyer confirms that they are 18 years old or over and accepts the General Conditions of Use. The purchaser of tickets must adhere to the “law on the sale of tickets for events” of July 30, 2013 (BS 06/09/2013). The buyer accepts the terms contained in the football law. These conditions are applicable to the sale of tickets through this website. 

ROYAL FRANCS BORAINS is selling tickets for RFB home matches. The RFB is not held responsible for a possible change of venue, date or price, availability or cancellation of a match. Any responsibility of the RFB is therefore limited to the sale and distribution of tickets. 

The tickets state the name of the original purchaser. The name of the ticket buyer cannot therefore be adapted to that of a possible third party. The buyer is considered the sole holder of the ticket. He is required to pay the amount due, even if the tickets will be delivered to a third party. Tickets may not under any circumstances be sold to third parties, nor be transferred to third parties in a commercial relationship, without the prior approval of the RFB. 

The person who makes the purchase through this site accepts the terms and conditions with each payment of an order. Our products (including tickets, invoices) always remain our exclusive 

property, both spiritually and materially. Consequently, any copy or imitation, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution. 

1. Place an order

Each ticket reservation is confirmed upon receipt of payment of the amount due. The buyer receives an email from ccv (payment agency). After payment, a confirmation email with reservation details is also sent. Please check if the confirmation emails have not automatically been classified as « spam » if the confirmation email is not received within the day of booking. If you cannot find the confirmation email, then the buyer should notify us as soon as possible. 

2. Payment

Unless otherwise stated, all our prices include VAT and other taxes. In case of payment by credit card or through the bank, payment is immediate. Your card will be charged at the time you place your order and receive confirmation. 

The buyer will then receive an email with payment details. CCV is the payment institution that monitors all online transactions and confirms whether the payment has been made, yes or not. 

3. Deliveries

After receiving payment, the buyer receives an email shortly after the order confirmation email. In this email, a summary of the payment and the vouchers will be attached in PDF format. Only the first supplier of the voucher will have access to the Stadium. Each other copy of the coupon 

will be considered an attempted fraud and will not receive a ticket. Prosecutions are possible. 

4. In stage

4.1. Anyone entering the stadium undertakes to respect the ROI. 

4.2. « The collection and/or transmission and/or production and/or dissemination of any information or data regarding the progress of the match, behavior or any other factor in a match, or any type of recording of any audio material, video or audiovisual in a match (whether through the use of 

electronic devices or otherwise) for the purpose of any form of betting, gaming or commercial activities which have not been authorized in advance or for any any other purpose which violates these terms and conditions, is strictly prohibited at the Stadium, unless authorization or permission is expressly granted by the Pro League and the Club. Mobile phones may only be used for personal and private use. In the event of violation of these general conditions, visitors may be refused access to the stadium or removed. » 

5. Refund

Tickets will not be refunded, even in the event of loss, damage or theft. The right of withdrawal is not taken into account because this immediate service (in this case, ticket reservation) does not concern services related to leisure activities. Tickets that are not collected will not be refunded. 

6. Exchange

Tickets cannot be exchanged. 

7. Modifications

If the organizer makes a modification to the date or time of the match or even its cancellation, it is up to him to decide if and under what conditions the tickets/subscriptions can be refunded, exchanged or if fees Additional fees may be applied. 

The organizer will inform the client promptly of the procedure to follow. 

8. Cost overview

Whether payable or not, the booking costs depend from one organizer to another. If there are any, they will always be indicated in the payment details. 

9. Order tracking

The buyer can contact the RFB Ticketing service via billetterie@francsborains.be 

10. Complaints

For any complaint, the buyer must send a registered letter to the RFB 

(Rue Saint Antoine , 6 – 7300 BOUSSU). Formulate the complaint clearly and unequivocally. Please provide as much data as possible. 

11. General

Relations between the client and the RFB are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the district of Mons have jurisdiction. The non-exercise by the RFB or the organizer of rights set out in these conditions of sale cannot be considered as a waiver of the right to do so later. 

12. Contacts Ticket office: Rue Saint Antoine 7300 boussu (0447/825395) Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. These times can be changed at any time depending on the civil or sporting calendar. Please stay informed via news and other club press releases. 

Company name: ASBL ROYAL FRANCS BORAINS (BCE 415.328.462) Head office: Rue SAINT ANTOINE 6 7300 BOUSSU